Ecosystem Supporting Academic and Working Life 

Ecosystem Supporting Academic and Working Life

ITU provides its students opportunities that can be used by them to gain advantages in both education and business life. First of all, ITU provides English education and academic success at international standards at the undergraduate level that is supported by research and application laboratories. In addition, there are close academic and industrial collaborations with ITU Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Application and Research Center and the business world. Also, ITU ARI TEKNOKENT brings together the sectors with advanced technology and develops the entrepreneurship culture in Turkiye. Thus, the program creates a strong ecosystem where not only basic engineering applications in artificial intelligence and data science will be developed, but also new artificial intelligence and data science algorithms will be developed.

Therefore, 40 students who will enter the program will shape the Turkiye's future of economy and sectors by leading the Artificial Intelligence revolution in national technology production as Turkiye's first Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineers.

Research Fields

Data Engineering draws on fields such as statistics, mathematics, programming and Artificial Intelligence; It provides services such as performance analysis, performance improvement suggestions, product development and marketing suggestions to industries using data extraction, processing, visualization and data maintenance methods. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, focuses on the development and application of computational technologies inspired by the way humans learn, reason and make decisions. By bringing these two disciplines together, data collected from areas such as transportation, entertainment, home and service robots, education, security, finance, commerce and health are analyzed. Using this data, artificial intelligence systems that enter our daily lives are developed. Considering that the amount of digital data produced in the world has increased rapidly in the last two or three years, the communication between these data and the importance of data-based deep learning will become even clearer.